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@westonruter westonruter released this Jun 19, 2019 · 833 commits to develop since this release

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For the full list of issues and pull requests in this release, please see the 1.2 milestone, with nearly 500 issues and pull requests. The major highlights in this release include:

AMP Stories

By far the biggest feature of this release is the introduction of the AMP Stories experience: stories is a visual storytelling format for the open web which immerses your readers in fast-loading, full-screen, and visually rich experiences. A new Story post type has been added along with an editor built on top of WordPress's block editor (Gutenberg). The AMP plugin can now be used exclusively for creating stories without having to use AMP for the rest of your website. You can use AMP for stories, AMP for your website, or both.

For an overview of the editor for AMP Stories, please see the AMP Stories Experimental docs. To summarize the story editor capabilities in this release:

  • Multiple story pages can be added in a horizontal editing interface.
  • Pages can be reordered with drag and drop.
  • Text block (the default instead of Paragraph) allows for text to automatically resize to fit the container.
  • Text block can be styled from among 40 font families.
  • Blocks can be dragged and rotated anywhere on a page, with ability to move in front of or behind other blocks.
  • Pre-composted page templates are available in addition to inserting blank pages.
  • Text block can have varying background color opacity.
  • Blocks on a given page are listed in a persistent table of contents (with drag and drop).
  • Story pages can have background video or image (with focal point).
  • Pages can have a solid background color or gradient, including opacity for overlaying background image/video.
  • A Call-to-Action block can be added to a page with a link to another webpage for more information.
  • Further blocks are available for automatically including the story title, author, and publish date in the page.
  • Blocks can be animated to appear on the page, with controls over the speed, duration, and order.
  • Pages can be set to automatically advance to the next page, including after a specific duration or when media has finished playing.
  • Stories can be embedded in other posts via the regular embed block or via the Latest Stories block.
  • An RSS feed for stories is automatically added to ensure stories are discoverable.
  • Filters for adding auto-ads (amp_story_auto_ads_configuration) and opting-in to landscape support (amp_story_supports_landscape).

See the 410+ issues and pull requests in this release for stories.

Note that Gutenberg 5.8+ is required to enable the Stories experience; this is because the AMP Stories editor uses brand new features of WordPress's block editor which are not yet in a WordPress core release.

Website Mode Updates

There is a full list of 75+ issues and pull requests for AMP websites, but the highlights are as follows.

Themes and Templates

  • Rebrand “Native” mode to “Standard” mode, following rebranding of Classic to Reader, and Paired to Transitional. #2507
  • Always allow switching between Standard, Transitional, and Reader modes, but default to mode defined by theme. #2622, #2550.
  • Add theme compat for Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, and Twenty Fourteen. #2407, #1873, #2476
  • Staticize emoji images in AMP pages instead of just removing emoji handling. #2348
  • Add edit warning to phpdoc file header for template files. #2497
  • Improve form handling when submission handler does no redirection. #2425
  • Add support in nav-menu-toggle-sanitizer for nav_container to be either the body or root element. #2327
  • Prevent sending response through post-processor if Content-Type is not text/html. #2536

Editor Improvements

  • Add warning when featured image does not meet Google Search requirements. #1812
  • Fix block-level warnings for validation errors fail to update without user interaction. #2127

Validation Changes

  • Improve validation of the nodes in the head. #2420
  • Enforce unique constraints from validator. #2451
  • Updated spec to AMP v1905292322390. #2537
  • Suppress admin bar from being shown during validation requests. #2500

CSS Handling

  • Account for toggleClass when obtaining used class names for tree shaking. #2328
  • Introduce stylesheet prioritization when determining which to concatenate, ensuring the all important theme's stylesheet is retained; automatically exclude admin bar CSS is excessive. #2346, #2405
  • Always perform CSS tree shaking, regardless of total size. #2508


  • Add first-party support for Crowdsignal poll/survey oEmbeds. #1929
  • Use amp-embedly-card instead of amp-reddit to work around resizing issue. #2339
  • Fix layout of Gallery as amp-carousel. #2505
  • Remove obsolete Jetpack and WPCOM files. #1925

Developer Improvements

  • Complete refactor of JavaScript code, improvements to architecture. #2000, #2056.
  • Add stylelint. #2463
  • Add npm lint commands for PHP, JS, and CSS.
  • Add JavaScript tests. #2121
  • Prevent sending 304 Not Modified responses during development. #2153
  • Speed up PHPCS. #2292
  • Update Travis CI configuration. #2408
  • Measure code coverage. #2434


Thanks to the many contributors who made this release possible through work on development, design, testing, project management, and more:

Alberto Medina, Anne Louise Currie, Cathi Bosco, Claudio Sossi, Dawid Młynarz, Felix Arntz, Jacob Schweitzer, Joshua Wold, Leo Postovoit, Mackenzie Hartung, Miina Sikk, Mike Crantea, Pascal Birchler, Ryan Kienstra, Shannon MacMillan, Thierry Muller, and Weston Ruter.

To install as a Git submodule, consider 1.2.0-built.

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