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Display tag:

See below for an example of usage or our display tag, adapted for use with AMP websites:

  <div placeholder>Loading ad.</div>
  <div fallback>Ad could not be loaded.</div>

Conversion tag:

In order to add conversion trackers to your page, please use the AMP pixel component that will be supplied to you by your Weborama contact. The values mentioned between brackets [] should be replaced by the proper values.

DOCUMENT_REFERRER, SOURCE_URL and RANDOM should remain in the URL, as AMP takes care of the automatic substitution of these values.



Placeholder and fallback:

The placeholder and fallback div elements are completely optional and can be left out.

  • The placeholder is shown while the ad is loading.
  • The fallback is served when there is no ad to show for some reason.


By default the ad size is based on the width and height attributes of the amp-ad tag. These are listed as mandatory parameters.

The AMP ad component requires the following HTML attributes to be added before the ad will be parsed as a Weborama ad:

  • width
  • height
  • type="weborama-display"

Mandatory data parameters:

Without valid values for these parameters we won't be able to display an ad:

  • data-wbo_account_id
  • data-wbo_tracking_element_id
  • data-wbo_fullhost

Examples of optional parameters:

Here are some extra parameters that might be set on the AMP ad:

  • data-wbo_random - Used as session identifier by some 3rd party ad systems
  • data-wbo_publisherclick - Adds a publisher redirect for the exit click.
  • data-wbo_vars - Sends variables to the creative. e.g.: color=green&weather=rainy
  • data-wbo_debug - Launch the ad in debug mode.
  • ... ask your contact at Weborama for more details.

Current restrictions

  • AMP ads are launched in a cross-origin iframe, so there currently is no support for some rich media, amongst which:
    • Expandables
    • Floorads, Interstitials and other types of layers
    • Flash ads
    • Creatives served over HTTP.
  • Click and impression trackers can't be added to the tag. They need to be added through Weborama's ad platform: WCM.
  • At the moment we don't support dynamic resizing of the iframe. Support for this will be added on request.


If you have any questions, please refer to your contact at Weborama. Otherwise you can contact our TIER 2 support: