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Yieldbot can be configured as a demand source by using the Real Time Config (RTC) callout vendor specification. To be a demand source, Yieldbot is configured as an rtc-config vendor within an amp-ad network tag configuration. Specific Yieldbot publisher identifier and slot name configuration is made using callout vendor substitution macros listed in the table below.

Yieldbot Vendor Callout Macros

Parameter Description
YB_PSN Yieldbot publisher site number
YB_SLOT Yieldbot slot identifier

For further information on RTC please see the RTC Publisher Implementation Guide and see the example Doubleclick configuration below.

Doubleclick RTC Configuration

To specify a Doubleclick amp-ad integration with Yieldbot, include the vendor "yieldbot" in your rtc-config tag attributed as shown in the example below. This particular example shows that the Yieldbot demand configuration for the respective Doubleclick slot, /2476204/medium-rectangle where:

  • "YB_PSN": "1234", Yieldbot publisher number
  • "YB_SLOT": "medrec", Yieldbot slot name
          "vendors": {
            "yieldbot": {
              "YB_PSN": "1234",
              "YB_SLOT": "medrec"

Yieldbot Integration Testing

For integration testing, the Yieldbot Platform can be set to always return a bid for requested slots.

When Yieldbot testing mode is enabled, a cookie (__ybot_test) on the domain tells the Yieldbot ad server to always return a bid and when creative is requested, return a static integration testing creative.


  • No ad serving metrics are impacted when integration testing mode is enabled.
  • The __ybot_test cookie expires in 24 hours.
  • It is good practice to action the "Stop testing" Url when testing is complete to return to normal ad delivery.