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Contributing to AMP HTML

The AMP HTML project strongly encourages your participation and contributions!

We hope you'll become an ongoing participant in our open source community but we also welcome one-off contributions for the issues you're particularly passionate about.

How would you like to help?

If you have questions about using AMP or are encountering problems using AMP on your site please visit our support page for help.

Report a bug

File an issue if you find a bug in AMP. Provide a detailed description and steps for reproducing the bug; screenshots and working examples that demonstrate the problem are appreciated!

The community regularly monitoring issues and will try to fix open bugs quickly according to our prioritization guidelines.

Make a suggestion

File a "feature request" issue if you have a suggestion for a way to improve AMP or a request for a new AMP feature.

If you are suggesting a feature that you are intending to implement, please see the Contributing code/features section below for next steps.

Contribute code/features

We'd love to have your help contributing code and features to AMP!

See the Contributing code and features document for details on the process you can use to add code/features.

Get started with open source

If you are new to contributing to an open source project, Git/GitHub, etc. welcome! We are glad you're interested in contributing to AMP and we want to help make your open source experience a success.

The Getting Started End-to-End Guide provides step-by-step instructions for everything from creating a GitHub account to getting your code reviewed and merged. Even if you've never contributed to an open source project before you'll soon be building AMP, making improvements and seeing your code live across the web.

The community has created a list of Good First Issues specifically for new contributors to the project. Feel free to find one of the unclaimed Good First Issues that interests you, claim it by adding a comment to it and jump in!

If you're interested in helping out but can't find a Good First Issue that matches your skills/interests, sign up for our Slack and then reach out in the #welcome-contributors channel or send a Direct Message to mrjoro.

If you run into any problems we have plenty of people who are willing to help; see the How to get help section of the Getting Started guide.

Ongoing participation

We actively encourage ongoing participation by community members.

Discussion channels

Technical issues, designs, etc. are discussed using several different channels:

  • GitHub issues and pull requests
  • Slack (signup)
    • the #contributing channel is the main channel for you to discuss/ask questions about contributing to the open source project
    • if you're new to contributing to AMP stop by #welcome-contributors to say hi!
    • NOTE: if you have a question about using AMP on your site, use Stack Overflow rather than Slack as Stack Overflow is more actively monitored for these types of questions
    • there are many other Slack channels for more specific topics; after you join our Slack click on the "Channels" header to find other channels you want to participate in
  • the amphtml-discuss Google Group

Status updates

Status updates from members of the community are tracked using approximately bi-weekly Status Update GitHub issues.

We encourage everyone who is actively contributing to AMP to add a comment to the relevant Status Update issue.

Weekly design reviews

The community holds weekly engineering design reviews via video conference. We encourage everyone in the community to participate in these discussions and to bring their designs for new features and significant bug fixes to these reviews.

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