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<amp-ad width=300 height=250


For semantics of configuration, please see ad network documentation.

Required Parameters:

  • data-atwMN - magic number for the ad spot
  • data-atwDiv - div name of the ad spot; can be class or id

Optional parameters:

  • data-atwPlId - placement ID (instead of Magic Number)
  • data-atwOthAT - generic var to set key/value pairs to send with the ad call; accepts mulitple values in a semi-colon delimited list
  • data-atwCo - override default country code
  • data-atwHtNmAT - override ad host name
  • data-atwNetId - network ID
  • data-atwWidth - ad width (use with atwHeight only if the ad is not 300x250)
  • data-atwHeight- ad height (use with atwWidth only if the ad is not 300x250)
  • data-atwSizes - this overrides atwWidth/atwHeight; use this to create a comma-separated list of possible ad sizes
  • 'data-atwPolar' - set to "1" to enable ad in the ad spot

Direct URL Call:

  • src - Value must start with https: and contain /addyn/. This should only be used in cases where a direct ad call is being used rather than a magic number (MN).