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For details on the configuration semantics, contact Bidtellect.

Required parameters

  • data-t: Parent publisher security token.
  • data-pid: The unique identifier for your placement.
  • data-sid: Unique identifier for the site.

Optional Parameters:

  • data-sname: Name of site that corresponds to the Site ID.
  • data-pubid: Unique identifier for the publisher.
  • data-pubname: Name of publisher that corresponds to the Publisher ID.
  • data-renderid: Unique identifier of the placement widget.
  • data-bestrender: Provides the best size and cropping for the placement.
  • data-autoplay: Enables autoplay for video placements.
  • data-playbutton: Onscreen play button for video placements.
  • data-videotypeid: Defines how it will be rendered the video player.
  • data-videocloseicon: Enable close button on the video player.
  • data-targetid: Allows the placement to render inside a target HTML element.
  • data-bustframe: Allows the placement to bust out of nested iframes recursively.
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