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Index Exchange

Index supports Header Tag style bidding using DoubleClick as the ad server.


<amp-ad width="300" height="250"


For semantics of configuration, please contact your account manager at Index Exchange.

If you use remote.html in your AMP pages, you must add ix into the array that outlines the list of acceptable types. For example, ['doubleclick'] should be changed to ['doubleclick', 'ix']. If you do not use remote.html, this step is not required.

Ad size is based on the width and height attributes of the amp-ad tag by default. Both width and height override attributes (data-override-width and data-override-height) and multi-size ads (via data-multi-size) are supported.

Required parameters

  • data-ix-id
  • data-slot

Optional parameters

  • data-ix-slot
  • data-ix-timeout

Additional parameters including json will be passed through in the resulting call to DFP. For details please see the Doubleclick documentation.