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Overview of web standards and features related to AMP

Date: 2018-08-26

Standard/feature Relation Status
Web Packaging Privacy-preserving preloading from cache under publisher URL Initial version of spec final. Shipping in Chrome M73, IETF concensus seeking in progress
Portals AMP Carousel like UI with navigation to publisher (alternative to iframe promotion) Iterating on spec. Prototype implementation in Chromium
Performance Timeline Real world metric collection. This is the framework. New metrics may be needed. Shipping in first browsers
Paint Timing 1 Initial paint related metrics (performance assessment Shipping in first browsers
Perf metric: (Initial) Layout stability Metric for how often layout changes without user action based on elements resizing (such as when an unsized image loads or an iframe resizes) Standard draft published. Implemented in Chromium
Perf metric: Largest Contentful Pain Better metric to reflect user perceived page load time Standard draft published. Implemented in Chromium
Perf metric: Expected Queueing Time Metric for how long it takes for main thread to react to user action Feasibility exploration
Iframe performance isolation Possible under current standards, but requires browsers to implement. Reduces need for embeds to behave well Chrome has 2 efforts in progress (Site isolation, cooperative multitasking). Other browser plans unknown.
Feature Policy Allows web pages to turn off legacy features or opt into new behavior. This is the framework. New policies may be needed Shipping in first browsers
Transfer size policy: Limit amount of main thread JS Incentivize off-main-thread computation. Just an idea.
Feature Policy: Prevent navigation without user action Similar to iframe sandbox but for top level window. Just an idea.
CSP: Stricter CSP in pre-render mode Allow pages to restrict and make it observable what they cannot do when being pre-rendered. Just an idea.
Feature Policy: No unsized media Prevent media (images) to resize based on intrinsic size Under discussion
Feature Policy: No uncomposited animations Allow pages to opt into only running animations that can be composited on the GPU. Just an idea.
Responsive image preload Allows pre-loading of responsive images. Under discussion. In Chrome behind a flag.