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AMP Ad Refresh

AMP Ad Refresh provides a mechanism for Google Ad Manager slots to periodically refresh, that is to fetch and render a new creative. Slots will only issue refresh requests once the current creative has been viewed (i.e., has had 50% of its pixels on screen for a continuous second).

For a network implementation guide, please click here.

Page-level Configuration

Refresh may be enabled across all eligible slots for a set of opted-in network on a page by adding the following metadata tag:

<meta name="amp-ad-enable-refresh" content="network1=refresh_interval1,network2=refresh_interval2,...">

Where refresh_interval is the time, in seconds, in between refresh cycles. This value must be a number greater than or equal to 30. Individual slots may be opted-out of refresh by adding data-enable-refresh=false to the slot.

Note: Regardless of what refresh_interval is set to, the refresh interval will not begin until the current slot is viewable (has had 50% of its pixels on screen for a continuous second).

Slot-level Configuration

An individual slot is eligible to be refreshed if it is configured as:

<amp-ad ... data-enable-refresh="refresh_interval"></amp-ad>

refresh_interval must be a number greater than or equal to 30, or false. If refresh_interval is set to false, then this slot will not be refresh-enabled, even if page-level configurations are set. Otherwise, if refresh_interval is a numeric value, then it will represent the time, in seconds, between refresh events on this particular slot.

SRA Compatibility

Refresh is currently not supported for SRA enabled slots. If a slot is enabled for both, refresh will be disabled, and an error will be logged to the user's console.

AMP Ad Container Compatibility

The only AMP ad containers in which refresh is currently supported are amp-sticky-ad and amp-carousel container types.

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