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Displays GL Transmission Format (gITF) 3D models.


Dynamically replaces a phone number in a hyperlink to enable call tracking. Executes a CORS request to substitute the number.

Required Script <script async custom-element="amp-call-tracking" src=""></script>
Supported Layouts container, fill, fixed, fixed-height, flex-item, responsive
Examples See AMP By Example's amp-call-tracking example.



The <amp-call-tracking> tag must wrap a normal anchor tag that hyperlinks a phone number. This phone number will be replaced with the values provided by a CORS endpoint.


<amp-call-tracking config="">
  <a href="tel:123456789">+1 (23) 456-789</a>

{% call callout('Note', type='note') %} Each unique CORS endpoint is called only once per page. {% endcall %}


config (required)

Defines a CORS URL. The URL's protocol must be HTTPS. The response must consist of a valid JSON object with the following fields:

  • `phoneNumber` (required): Specifies the phone number to call when the user clicks the link.
  • `formattedPhoneNumber` (optional): Specifies the phone number to display. If not specified, the value in `phoneNumber` is used.

{% call callout('Important', type='caution') %} Your XHR endpoint must implement the requirements specified in the CORS Requests in AMP spec. {% endcall %}


See amp-call-tracking rules in the AMP validator specification.

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