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This is a tracker issue for related work planned for video enhancements in AMP.

  • Define the AMP JavaScript interface for the shared video interface as defined in #3945
  • Implement the above interface for amp-video
  • Implement the above interface for amp-youtube
  • Implement an AMP video manager that can discover what elements are videos, knows which one is currently playing, and provides utilities to manage all videos as a group (e.g. playing one, would pause others, etc...)
  • Support muted autoplay
    • <amp-video>
    • <amp-youtue>
    • <amp-dailymotion> #6285
    • <amp-video-iframe>
  • Support Hero Video
  • Support Mode: Video in lightbox 2.0 (part of work is in lightbox 2.0 efforts #4152)
  • Support Mode: Video in fixed position (maybe both fixed and fixed hero)
  • Support ability for referrers to specify a videoId in the URL to auto-play upon page load. (videoId optional, defaults to primary video). Maybe also allow the mode to be specified by the referrer.
  • Documentation and DevRel related work
    • autoplay on amp-by-examples
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@cramforce @rudygalfi @ericlindley-g Here is a rough punch list for video related work we need to do. Feel free to edit. I will spin off more Github issues as time comes for each task.


Note: This covers #3799.


There is no autoplay attribute propagation in chrome v53 android.
muted autoplay is only working on IOS in the last version 1475106123549 thanks to fixIOSCanplayEventForAutoplay_ method.


@tomasvts We don't actually propagate the autoplay attribute and call play() manually (even in fixIOSCanplayEventForAutoplay_, autoplay attribute is removed afterwards).

Are you seeing autoplay not working in Android or iOS? (There is a bug with Chrome autoplay in 4G/LTE which is fixed by #5228 - will be in the next release)


@aghassemi Wondering if this list needs to be updated at all, particularly the amp-youtube parts?

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Autoplay examples for amp-video and amp-youtube #495


Any more information on amp-video-iframe?


@randallbpotter15 Not yet, that being said, amp-video-iframe is fairly simple to add but until the underlying video player implements it, it won't do anything. Is there a particular video-player that you like to embed using amp-video-iframe? Are you in control of the underlying player and able to implement the expected behaviour (e.g. receiving a postMessage and pausing/playing the video and sending messages back to parent frame on video events such as pause/play?).


@aghassemi We are currently using an iframe to serve our video player as we have "pre-roll" ad needs and event management for analytics. We are always interested to hear about potential upgrades to the amp video experience. We are in control of the underlying player, both from one we made to work on AMP to our in-house version here at CNN.

Would love to learn more etc.

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@randallbpotter15 That's great! CNN's video player is a perfect candidate for amp-video-iframe as a generic amp-cnn-player does not make sense in AMP.

Having a compelling use-case and a partner to work with for the initial version of amp-video-iframe is precisely what we need to kick of the work on amp-video-iframe. I will start work on this soon under an experimental flag and I assume you have the interest and hopefully some cycles to implement and collaborate on the approach.

The video-interface API will evolve overtime, currently the API is focused on providing hooks for managing autoplay and other playback related UX features we like to implement it AMP (rather than, say, analytics). <amp-video> and <amp-youtube> currently implement the interface, some examples of AMP's autoplay UX can be found here and here. This is the sort of UX CNN can expect with <amp-video-iframe autoplay src="cnn.com/url"></amp> when implemented.


@aghassemi I'd be happy to check this out with you all. @jmadler and some others on the team have my contact information for here at CNN.

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