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* Copyright 2018 The AMP HTML Authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS-IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* @fileoverview Provides a function to calculate the dimensions of the
* rendered image inside of an `<img>` Element. For example, if you have an
* `<img>` with `object-fit: contain` and an image that is portrait inside of
* an `<img>` with landscape dimensions, you will have something looks like:
* _____________
* | | | |
* | i | r | i |
* |___|_____|___|
* Where the area denoted by `r` is the rendered image and the areas denoted
* by `i` are extra spacing on either side of the rendered image to center it
* within the containing `<img>` Element.
* @see
import {Size} from './size.js';
* Constrains the size of the image to the given width and height. This either
* caps the width or the height depending on the aspect ratio of original img
* and if we want to have the smaller or larger dimension fit the container.
* @param naturalSize The natural dimensions of the image.
* @param containerSize The size of the container we want to render the image
* in.
* @param toMin If we should cap the smaller dimension of the image to fit the
* container (`object-fit: cover`) or the larger dimension
* (`object-fit: contain`).
* @return The Size that the image should be rendered as.
function constrain(
naturalSize: Size, containerSize: Size, toMin: boolean): Size {
const elAspectRatio = containerSize.width / containerSize.height;
const naturalAspectRatio = naturalSize.width / naturalSize.height;
if (naturalAspectRatio > elAspectRatio !== toMin) {
return {
width: containerSize.height * naturalAspectRatio,
height: containerSize.height,
return {
width: containerSize.width,
height: containerSize.width / naturalAspectRatio,
function getDimensionsForObjectFitCover(
naturalSize: Size, containerSize: Size): Size {
return constrain(naturalSize, containerSize, false);
function getDimensionsForObjectFitContain(
naturalSize: Size, containerSize: Size): Size {
return constrain(naturalSize, containerSize, true);
function getDimensionsForObjectFitFill(containerSize: Size): Size {
return containerSize;
function getDimensionsForObjectFitNone(naturalSize: Size): Size {
return naturalSize;
function getDimensionsForObjectFitScaleDown(
naturalSize: Size, containerSize: Size): Size {
const noneSize = getDimensionsForObjectFitNone(naturalSize);
const containSize = getDimensionsForObjectFitContain(
naturalSize, containerSize);
// Since both have the same aspect ratio, we can simply take the smaller
// dimension for both.
return {
width: Math.min(noneSize.width, containSize.width),
height: Math.min(noneSize.height, containSize.height),
* Gets the dimensions for the rendered "image" rather than the container
* that constrains the size with the CSS `object-fit` property.
* @param img The HTMLImageElement
* @param containerSize The size of the container element.
* @param objectFit An optional object-fit value to use. Defaults to the
* `img`'s current `object-fit`.
* @return The width/height of the "actual" image.
export function getRenderedDimensions(
img: HTMLImageElement,
containerSize: Size,
objectFit: string|null = getComputedStyle(img).getPropertyValue('object-fit'),
): Size {
const naturalSize = {
width: img.naturalWidth,
height: img.naturalHeight,
switch(objectFit) {
case 'cover':
return getDimensionsForObjectFitCover(naturalSize, containerSize);
case 'contain':
return getDimensionsForObjectFitContain(naturalSize, containerSize);
case 'fill':
return getDimensionsForObjectFitFill(containerSize);
case 'none':
return getDimensionsForObjectFitNone(naturalSize);
case 'scale-down':
return getDimensionsForObjectFitScaleDown(naturalSize, containerSize);
case '':
case null:
// For browsers that do not support `object-fit`, default to `fill`
// behavior.
return getDimensionsForObjectFitFill(containerSize);
throw new Error(`object-fit: ${objectFit} not supported`);