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The AMP Advisory Committee
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Repository of the AMP Advisory Committee

The AMP Advisory Committee (AC) provides perspective and advice to the Technical Steering Committee (TSC).

Communication Channels

We use the following channels to communicate:

  • This GitHub repository. This is where you will find most of our work happening. Feel free to comment on exisiting issues or file a new one if you have questions or issues you want to raise with the AC.
  • The #amp-ac channel on the amphtml Slack workspace. If you aren't a member of the amphtml workspace, enter your email address on the AMP Developer Slack Signup form to get invited to the Slack workspace, from which you'll be able to join the #amp-ac channel.
  • Monthly video conferences. These video conferences are open to external guests. You will find a link to the video conference on the meeting agenda under the AC Meetings label. Currently we use for these conferences.
  • F2F Meetings. These are open to external guests provided they register in advance. Specifics TBA.
  • A private mailing list. We use this mailing to coordinate logistical matters and share privacy sensitive information.
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