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Working mode of the AMP TSC

  • We meet every 2 weeks for 1h via video conference. Depending on need we are planning to revisit the cadence after a few meetings.
  • We meet in person 2x per year (timed around the major AMP conferences "AMP Conf" (Spring) and "AMP Contributor Summit" (Fall)).
  • Meeting notes are published in this repository.
  • We create an issue for every meeting to document agenda and notes.
  • Members of the Advisory Committee, Facilitators of Working Groups, and Members of the Approvers Working Group may add agenda items via comments on the respective issue at any time.
  • We also accept agenda topics from anyone else, but consider going through a Working Group instead.
  • We delegate all decisions regarding major feature implementations in AMP to the Approvers working group.
    • We expect the Approvers group to escalate decisions it cannot make to us.
    • Decisions in the Approvers group need to be publicly visible via an agenda process that follows the TSC's agenda process.
    • Any TSC member may ask for clarification on agenda items of the Approvers group and if possible ask for the decision to be uplifted to the agenda of the TSC, which would then make the final decision.