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Working Groups

An AMP Working Group is a segment of the community with knowledge/interest in specific area of AMP. Working Groups are created by AMP’s Technical Steering Committee.

AMP’s Working Groups are:

  • Access control and subscriptions.
    • Responsible for user specific controlled access to AMP content (amp-subscriptions, amp-access and related extensions)
    • Facilitator: @jpettitt
  • Ads & analytics.
    • Responsible for ads & analytics features and integrations in AMP.
    • Facilitator: @lannka
  • AMP4Email.
    • Responsible for the AMP4Email project.
    • Facilitator: @choumx
  • Approvers.
    • Responsible for approving changes that have a significant impact on AMP's behavior or significant new features as described in the feature and bug fix process.
    • Facilitator: @dvoytenko
  • Code of Conduct.
    • Responsible for enforcing AMP's Code of Conduct. (The Technical Steering Committee delegates its responsibility for enforcement of the Code of Conduct to this Working Group.)
    • Facilitator: @nainar
  • Infrastructure.
    • Responsible for AMP's infrastructure, including building, testing and release.
    • Facilitator: @rsimha
  • Outreach.
    • Responsible for helping developers who use AMP remain productive and keeping the AMP community healthy. This includes maintaining and enhancing AMP's developer-facing sites and documentation, maintaining communication channels, organizing community events, etc.
    • Facilitator: @pbakaus
  • Runtime.
    • Responsible for AMP's core runtime, such as layout/rendering and data binding.
    • Facilitator: @jridgewell
  • Stories.
    • Responsible for implementing and improving AMP's story format (amp-story).
    • Facilitator: @newmuis
  • UI & Accessibility
    • Responsible for AMP's visual components & interactions and AMP's overall accessibility and user experience (including published guidelines for AMP UX). The UI WG also has overall responsibility for ensuring AMP is accessible, though each WG is responsible for ensuring accessibility within their areas of responsibility.
    • Facilitator: @aghassemi
  • Validation & caching.
    • Responsible for AMP's validator and features related to AMP caches.
    • Facilitator: @Gregable
  • Viewers.
    • Responsible for ensuring support for AMP viewers and for the amp-viewer project.
    • Facilitator: @ericfs
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