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==THINGS TO BLOG ABOUT== When you build unminified CSS from SASS, you need to postprocess the CSS to remove any spurious CSS UTF-8 directive.

==TO DO:==

  • Fix bug in original template where close button doesn't look good on desktops.

  • Deal with .ampstart-nav-dropdown

  • See if display: flex; flex-direction: column; justify-content: center; are really used in .hero-content on desktop devices or not

  • text over pictures on home page looks bad on original, and also on our new version

  • Why were "Shop" and "Read" buttons alternating white and black before? How did we lose that, presumably while copying stuff?

  • In main body, still need to make text white sometimes, black other times... if we care, since we may not have those photos in the new site

  • Still need to get rid of CSS rule with .h1, .h2 classes etc, as soon as we get rid of those classes in the HTML

  • Replace all commerce-loading classes with loading class

  • Replace all ampstart-input with input-container class

  • Replace all ampstart-input-radio with radio-container class

  • Cart isn't centered vertically on desktops. Don't know why.

  • Create version of cart-summary.html partial that has no checkout once we've got mustache templates. Because it should have checkout in cart-summary.html, but not in checkout.html

  • Provide options in cart-items.html to not show "X" on checkout page or Continue button on cart page -->


Got rid of commerce-hero-content-theme-primary, which didn't seem to be used anywhere in CSS. Just in index.html

==LAUNCH PROCESS== go/releasing/preparing Special domains:

==BETTER IMAGES== In the original site, narrow was 750x573 px. Wide was 2560x800.

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