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The ShadowReader

The ShadowReader is a demo of how to use PWA+AMP techniques with existing AMP documents to build a production-ready Progressive Web App in an efficient, time-saving way.

Build instructions

Make sure you have node and npm installed, then install the dependencies:

$ npm install

Then run the following to run the site:

$ gulp

For a production build, call

$ gulp dist

Latest features

We've set up a server, which enables the following:

  • If a new user navigates directly to a Shadow Reader article URL, the server shows the Guardian's AMP article, replacing the menu with one that contains links to the Shadow Reader. The service worker is warmed up with . Subsquent navigations pull the user quickly into the PWA experience. Since article content is rendered server-side, search engines that have trouble executing JavaScript can still crawl the site.

  • We no longer need to proxy via a glitch app, as our server can add CORS headers.

  • We cache YQL requests and articles.