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wg-runtime Status Update 2020-05-11 #35

jridgewell opened this issue May 11, 2020 · 0 comments

wg-runtime Status Update 2020-05-11 #35

jridgewell opened this issue May 11, 2020 · 0 comments


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@jridgewell jridgewell commented May 11, 2020


  • Justin

    • Auto link stacktrace frames to code in bug reports

    • Added support for module/nomodule script pairs

    • Fixed devAssert/userAssert for closure's type narrowing

    • Persistent browserify caching!

    • Helped remove AmpPass, various fixes to infra builds

    • Added linting to chai assertions, fixed tests

    • Added a few missing unresolved element CSS styles

    • Made blurry-image non-interactable when it's opacity: 0.

    • Fixed CEv1 in Safari 9 and Yandex

    • Made getMode().test and friends DCE in prod (again)

  • Jake

    • documentHeight bugfix, unit test, and integration test.

    • amp-script worker exceptions caught as user errors instead of dev errors. 

    • Protocol Adapters unit tests and manual e2e test.

    • Small improvements to the e2e testing flow (--extensions and --fast options)

  • Will

    • “intersect-resources” experiment

      • Fixed ads regression

      • Looks like 1-2% LCP, 5-6% FID improvement

    • Reviewed to-date progress on code mauve in CSI data


  • Persistent module state in unit tests is tricky

  • Old browsers still get a small (but noticeable) percentage in traffic

    • Does this effectively constrain our true browser support set?


  • Justin

    • Hoping to add persistent file transform cache to Babel

    • Deferring buildCallback (should be easier, now that I've looked into it)

      • See if any elements expect really early buildCallback

  • Jake

    • New metric for in-viewport but not rendered latency

    • worker-dom Protocol Adapters PRs

    • IE11 Minimum support explorations

  • Will

    • Figure out and run a manual QA plan and start prod rollout 🤞
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