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Sagittarius is an obfuscater that helps you compress and encode your code in BASE64 and if you so desire, encrypt it with Rabbit stream cipher(eSTREAM finalist).

Not just that, it does all of the above - if ordered - inside a self-contained script.


  • PHP >= 5.3.0

Yes that's it, just a recent version of PHP!


In the root directory you will find example.php and code_sample.php. Both files are used to demonstrate the core functionality of Sagittarius.

However, I've put modularity in mind so that if you found some useful part you want to utilize outside the context of Sagittarius, you would feel encouraged to do so.

To run the example, type in your favorite terminal:

php example.php



The Rabbit class' constructor takes a single argument of the key to be used in the encryption or decryption process. Key length must be exactly 16 bytes.

Function encrypt takes a single by-reference argument which is the data string to be encrypted.

Function decrypt takes a single by-reference argument which is the data string to be decrypted.

Function reset takes no arguments and its sole purpose is to reset the internal state of the algorithm so if you did instantiate an object and did call encrypt you need to call reset before you can call decrypt.

Rabbit only have one property; key stores the key passed through the constructor as long as the object lives.


The Obfuscate class' constructor takes a single optional argument of the compression level to be used. Default[5]

Function encode takes two arguments, the first argument is required simply because it is the input to be encoded, the second argument is optional and it takes a reference to a Rabbit instance. In the case the second argument wasn't provided, encoding will not utilize encryption.

Function decode does the exact opposite of encode, and it does have the same arguments as well.

Function encode_contained takes the same arguments as encode and decode however, this function is used to provide a self-containing script which you can use as standalone. Hence input here must be actual PHP code without any PHP tags.


See the COPYRIGHT file.