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Rebar Addon for FreeCAD

Started as a Google Summer of Code (GSoC 2017) project.





This project is aimed at easing up the process of rebaring in FreeCAD. In this project, list of rebars will be provided to user under Rebar tools in the form of dropdown. This project covers six different rebar shapes as given below:

  • icon Straight Rebar: wiki screenshot

  • icon UShape Rebar: wiki screenshot

  • icon LShape Rebar: wiki screenshot

  • icon BentShpae Rebar: wiki screenshot

  • icon Stirrup Rebar: wiki screenshot

  • icon Helical Rebar: wiki screenshot

Video Tutorial




Steps to install Rebar Addon in FreeCAD

  1. Open the FreeCAD Addon Manager (Tool -> Addon manager).
  2. When an addon manager will open, select Reinforcement from a list of workbenches shown by an addon manager.
  3. After selecting, click on Install/Update button.
  4. Restart FreeCAD.
  5. Now you will see different rebars in a drop-down list of rebar tools (Arch -> Rebar tools -> Different rebars).

How it works

Each rebar tool has two files, one is Python file and second is there respective name UI file like and StraightRebar.ui file). Let's take a straight rebar tool. In file, there are two functions. One is makeStraightRebar() function. This function creates straight rebar and adds new properties to the default Rebar object. Second function is editStraightRebar. This function is used when we want to change a new properties(which is created by makeStraightRebar function) of the rebar object and it will take Rebar object as input which is created by makeStraightRebar function. In, _StraightRebarTaskPanel class is present. This class loads UI(present in StriaghtRebar.ui file) in the task panel of FreeCAD. First time when a user clicks on Apply or Ok button, then makeStraightRebar function is executed and after that when user want to change the properties of Straight rebar then editStraightRebar function is excuted.