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Chrome extension for the Redmine PMS
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Faster Redmine

Chrome extension that allows you to change the Status of a Redmine Issue without having to first: click on the Edit link, change the Status, and then click on the Submit button. This extension puts a dropdown right on the main Issue view, and changing the selection immediately updates the Issue. You can choose to refresh the page on each Issue update in the extension's settings.


  • Track important issues via Redmine's intrgrated Atom feeds: A badge on the extension's button will let you know the number of issues that meet the particular filter when you add an Atom feed in the options.
  • Click on the extension's button to see a list of issues returned by the Atom feed, with links to open them directly.
  • Insert a dropdown in the Status field of Issues. Selecting a status updates the Issue immediately.
  • Propagate the same status selection to the parent task, if enabled in the settings (enabled by default).
  • Updates happen in the background, so no need to reload the page.


To use this extension, your Redmine application must have API-style authentication enabled. You or your administrator can do this by checking Enable REST API in Administration -> Settings -> Authentication

Install it from the Chrome Webstore:

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