@nickdowell nickdowell released this Jun 25, 2017 · 44 commits to develop since this release

  • controls can now be reset to their default value via a double-click
  • alternate tuning scales & keyboard maps can now be loaded in plug-ins
  • fixed an issue where bank switching via MIDI caused jack zombification
  • removed dependency on gtkmm (gtk is still required for the UI)


@nickdowell nickdowell released this Mar 15, 2017 · 48 commits to master since this release

  • fixed MIDI channel filtering
  • fixed corrupt preset names in dssi plugin
  • general UI and menu item improvements
  • improvements to translations
  • added a man page


@nickdowell nickdowell released this Sep 28, 2016 · 162 commits to master since this release

  • MIDI CCs are now sent immediately when changing a parameter in the UI - #21
  • fixed an issue with ALSA MIDI input becoming delayed - #23
  • improved UI error detection / reporting when using JACK - #40
  • implemented bank switching via MIDI (CC #0) - #35
  • implemented "Ignore Preset Value" option to allow parameters to be "locked" - #38
  • enabled use of alternate tunings in plugin - #18
  • added French and German translations - #28
  • added a manpage - #27
  • fixed UI issues when used as a plugin in Tracktion or other JUCE based host - #22
  • fixed some UI layout glitches and improved the "audition" UI - #41
  • fixed use of deprecated snd_seq_free_event API

Thanks to everyone who contributed feedback, ideas, bug reports, translations and pull requests! 😄


@nickdowell nickdowell released this Jan 19, 2016 · 231 commits to master since this release

  • fix incorrect parameter display when vst gui is created
  • support selection of a non-default tuning via command line or config file
  • another sound bank thanks to brian :)


@nickdowell nickdowell released this Oct 31, 2015 · 241 commits to master since this release

  • fixed vst load & save compatibility with Bitwig Studio
  • fixed a warning about start_atomic_value_change in plugin versions


@nickdowell nickdowell released this Oct 24, 2015 · 249 commits to master since this release

  • fixes an issue with MIDI event handling observed with Ardour/LV2


@nickdowell nickdowell released this Oct 10, 2015 · 252 commits to master since this release

  • fixes support for non-44100 sample rates in DSSI and LV2 builds


@nickdowell nickdowell released this Sep 27, 2015 · 255 commits to master since this release

  • VST plug-in build now available
  • adds a portamento mode control with legato option
  • can now be built without GUI (./configure --without-gui)
  • fixes an issue with incorrect tuning depending on sample rate
  • other minor bug fixes and improvements


@nickdowell nickdowell released this Aug 6, 2014 · 320 commits to master since this release

  • fixes broken MIDI handling in the DSSI plugin
  • fixes a crash when a folder is selected from 'import preset'


@nickdowell nickdowell released this Aug 2, 2014 · 324 commits to master since this release

  • new filter modes: notch and bypass
  • new filter controls for key-tracking and velocity sensitivity
  • OSC2 octave range increased
  • ring modulation can now be dialled in (instead of on/off)
  • LFO can now be routed to OSC1, OSC2, or both
  • fixes an audible click when using fast filter attack times
  • note and controller events are now rendered sample-accurate when
    run as a plugin, fixing MIDI timing jitter
  • DSSI & LV2 plug-in builds can now load any preset by
    right-clicking the UI background
  • bank & preset loading is now faster