Transparent high-performance caching of referentially transparent functions.
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"almost all programming can be viewed as an exercise in caching"
    -- Terje Mathisen

High performance systems cache extensively. In Erlang, the common pattern is to introduce an ETS table storing function results, with a supervised process doing periodic garbage collection.

This approach has problems I seek to solve. They complicate testing, introduce bugs, and make liberal caching less appealing:

  • GC policy is adhoc and re-implemented from scratch every time.
  • Complicated ETS side effects are interleaved with unrelated code.
  • A supervision tree dependency is introduced.


Wrap the thing you want to cache in a fun, and pass it to a wrapper specifying cache type and a unique cache name.

foo(A_,B_,C_) ->
    cache:this(cache_lru, myapp_mymod_foo, {A_,B_,C_}, fun({A,B,C})->

Ideally your function should be referentially transparent: for a given set of arguments, it should always give the same result.

If that's the case, the wrapper is completely transparent, and does not change the behaviour of the function. Unit tests, and partially started systems are unaffected!

To speed up duplicate calls, start a process from somewhere meaningful in your supervision tree. Pass the same policy

{cache, start_link, [myapp_mymod_foo,60*?SECONDS,cache_lru,1000]}


To postpone rebar dependency hell, the library checks for dependencies but does not autofetch specific versions. Add something like the following to 'deps' in your rebar.config:

{cache,    ".*",{git,"git://",    {tag,"v0.0.0"}}},
{lfe,      ".*",{git,"git://",   {tag,"v0.7a"}}},

Cache Policies

Todo - I'm thinking LRU, and maybe fixed forward lookahead to start? Yeah, one for spacial and one for temporal locality.


Add a [] option to cache:this that allows stats tracking to be turned on. Hit ratio and maybe some GC stuff, in particular.


This is really a memoization library, but I'm going for mass appeal so I used a friendly name.