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;; Early exits.
;; Sort of lexically scoped: you could get around it, if you tried to on
;; purpose.
(defmacro block ((cons name body)
(let* ((id (list_to_atom (: lists concat (list 'block- name))))
(body (change-return-froms-to-throws name id body)))
`(try (progn ,@body)
(catch ((tuple 'throw (tuple ',id val) _)
;; Quick implementation of Paul Graham's anaphoric variant
;; from On Lisp. Should allow a very procedural code style.
;; Binds the result of each expression in the body as 'it' for
;; the next instruction.
(defmacro ablock ((cons name body)
(let* ((id (list_to_atom (: lists concat (list 'ablock- name))))
(body (change-return-froms-to-throws name id body))
(body (: lists map (lambda [x] `(it ,x)) body)))
`(try (let* ,body it)
(catch ((tuple 'throw (tuple ',id val) _)
(defun change-return-froms-to-throws
; replace return-from/2 with throw
([name id (list 'return-from name* val)]
(when (== name name*))
`(throw (tuple ',id ,val)))
; check for nested identically named blocks (weird)
([name _ (cons 'block (cons name* _))]
(when (== name name*))
(error (tuple 'repeat_block_name name*)))
; recurse down tree otherwise
([name id es] (when (is_list es))
(lc ((<- e es))
(change-return-froms-to-throws name id e)))
; until leaves are hit
([_ _ x] x))
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