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The Average HTTP Response

You know when someone makes a really good pun and everyone just sighs at it in a combination of frustration and approval? This is the sort of code that gets that reaction.

--Some Bloke

As calculated from the most recent daily batch of telemetry data from the Firefox nightly build.

But y tho?

I was looking over some logs, trying to see if a new feature I had made had resulted in an increase of errors/non-200 responses as a quick and dirty "Did I break something" metric. I decided to throw the data in a spreadsheet and do stats at it before trying to do anything Python-y or whatever, but forgot to turn the error codes into strings, so they were treated as just values, meaning I got back things like averages and the like. I had just learn that Mozilla puts out public telemetry data, so I threw that into a spreadsheet, texted a friend the entire story, and he responded

Wow! That is AGGRESSIVELY useless!

At that point I knew I must tell the world...


Could this have been server-side rendered?

Yes, but that would mean finding a place to host it or using Github Actions and I felt like seeing how fast I could make the MVP. Maybe later though...

Does this have any useful value in?


Are you sure?


But it feels like it should tell me something...

That's what "agressively useless" means. You sit there and stare at it hoping it'll get embarrassed and tell you something, but the truth is it's just got nothing to say...


Shoutout to the Mozilla Foundation for making some of their telemetry data public, without which the world would have been spared this useless fact.


What is the average HTTP response?






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