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Data Blogger Resource Kit -

Includes resources for use by bloggers, microbloggers, vloggers, and origami enthusiasts who focus on SQL Server, Data, and related topics.

Resource Wiki

Github Wiki includes a list of external resources that may be helpful to bloggers & community contributors. Check it out here.

  • Stock Photo repositories
  • Graphics & icons
  • Code formatting


Public listing of Data Bloggers (and microbloggers, and vloggers), including their Twitter/YouTube/Blog URLs

  • This contains a list of known data bloggers, including their Blog, Twitter, and YouTube URLs.
  • The file is formatted as HTML so that a line for any given blogger can be copy/pasted into WordPress or other HTML document to provide a mention of that blogger & pointer to their online persona(s).
  • The file is in alphabetical order by first name
  • There is no guarantee of accuracy, or anything.
  • All content in this file is based on publicly available internet personas. No personal or private information is or should be included in this file.
  • Additions or corrections can be submitted via an Issue or Pull Request.
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