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# Blogger Resources

<tr align="center">
<td><a href="Graphics,-icons,-glyphs,-etc"><img src="img/icons-200x200.png" alt="icons"></a><br>
<h2><a href="Graphics,-icons,-glyphs,-etc">Graphics, icons, glyphs, etc</a></h2>
<td><a href="Stock-photos"><img src="img/camera-200x200.png" alt="stock photos"></a><br>
<h2><a href="Stock-photos">Stock photo sites</a></h2>
<td><a href="Graphic-design"><img src="img/pen-200x200.png" alt="graphic design"></a><br>
<h2><a href="Graphic-design">Graphic design help</a></h2>
<tr align="center">
<td><a href="Graphic-design"><img src="img/ppt-200x200.png" alt="powerpoint"></a><br>
<h2><a href="Graphic-design">PowerPoint slides</a></h2>
<td><a href="Code-utilities"><img src="img/code-200x200.png" alt="code"></a><br>
<h2><a href="Code-utilities">Code utilities</a></h2>
<td><a href="Demo-data-repositories-&-Mock-data-creation"><img src="img/database-200x200.png" alt="demo data"></a><br>
<h2><a href="Demo-data-repositories-&-Mock-data-creation">Demo & mock data</a></h2>
<tr align="center">
<td><a href="Hosting-resources"><img src="img/server-200x200.png" alt="hosting resources"></a><br>
<h2><a href="Hosting-resources">Hosting Resources</a></h2>
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[Data Blogger Resource Kit](Home)

* [Code utilities](Code-utilities)
* [Demo & mock data](Demo-data-repositories-&-Mock-data-creation)
* [Graphics, icons, glyphs, etc](Graphics,-icons,-glyphs,-etc)
* [Graphic design help](Graphic-design)
* [Hosting resources](Hosting-resources)
* [PowerPoint slides](Graphic-design)
* [Stock photo sites](Stock-photos)
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## Code formatting utilities
* [Code Beautify]( - Code formatting, validation, file conversion, and more
* [Redgate SQL Prompt]( - Including an online version
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* Government open data
* []( - US Census data
* [Crime Data Explorer]( - US FBI Crime Data information
* []( - US Government open data
* []( - UK Government open data
* [EU Open Data Portal]( - European Union open data
* []( - US healthcare data including claim-level Medicare data, epidemiology and population statistics
* [Library of Congress]( - US Library of Congress free to use/reuse data sets
* [Analyze Boston]( - Boston, MA, USA open data hub
* [Cambridge, MA, USA open data](
* [Awesome Public Datasets]( - Repo linking to many other public data set repositories
* [Amazon AWS open data registry](
* [Amazon Customer Reviews]( - 130+ million customer product reviews are part of this dataset
* [Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT)](
* [Five Thirty Eight data archive]( - Sata and code behind some of FiveThirtyEight articles and graphics
* [Bob Ross painting subject data]( - Data behind [A Statistical Analysis of the Work of Bob Ross](
* [Gapminder](
* [Gapminder Data](
* [Gapminder Google Drive](
* [IMDB Datasets](
* [Kaggle](
* [Microsoft Research open data]( - A collection of free datasets from Microsoft Research to advance state-of-the-art research in areas such as natural language processing, computer vision, and domain specific sciences
* [MusicBrainz](
* [Mockaroo]( - Mock data creation
* [Makeover Monday](
* [OpenStreetMap](
* [Pew Research Dataset](
* [Reddit /r/datasets](
* [Sports Viz Sunday](
* Stack Exchange Database
* [Official data dump on]( - You'll need to do some work to import this
* [SQL Server database version of the data dump as a torrent]( - Brent Ozar's turned this into a SQL Server database so you don't have to
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## Graphic Design Help
* []( - Color palette generation tool
* [Fiverr]( - Freelance graphic design, marketing, and development
* [99 Designs]( - Inexpensive logo Design

## PowerPoint slides
* [Gapminder](
* [Gapminder Slides](
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* [Microsoft Azure official icons & glyphs](
* [Font Awesome]( - Get vector icons and social logos
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* [Pablo](
* [Pexels](
* [Pixabay](
* [The Stocks](
* [Unsplash](
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Step 1: Buy a domain. Just use your name, or something close to it. Don't go for something gimmicky. If you want to have some kitsch for a domain, make it your secondary domain.

Step 2: Pick a host.
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## Domain Registrars
When you buy a domain, you'll buy it from a _registrar_. These are the folks who make sure that one person (and only one person) owns a domain. They are all pretty much the same. There are some differences in their customer service, and the UX of navigating their site--but they're pretty much the same.

Often (or, by default), you'll use your registrar to manage your DNS. But you don't have to. (I'll have to cover that later)

Here's a list of common registrars:
* [GoDaddy]( - These guys are probably the most popular, but that doesn't mean they are the best.
* [Google Domains]( - Exactly what you'd expect from Google: easy to use. If you're already heavily invested in the Google ecosphere, this might be a good choice.
* [Namecheap](
* [Ionos (formerly 1&1)](
* [Hover](
* [Cloudflare](
* [WhoIs](
* [HostGator](
* [SiteGround](
* [Netcetera](
* [DNSimple](

## WordPress
There are other blogging platforms (Blogger, GitHub, etc), but WordPress is the most popular. In fact, WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, and it powers 30% of the internet.

If you are a data blogger, chances are, you aren't a web developer or even a front-end developer. You're going to have questions, and there is a whole community of bloggers who are eager to help you. They aren't web developers either, so their experience is mostly limited to the platform they use for their own blog--and most of them are on WordPress.

## WordPress hosts
* [WPEngine](
* [Bluehost](
* [Hostgator](
* [DreamPress](
* [SiteGround](
* [Netcetera](

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