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IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE type = 'P' AND object_id = object_id('dbo.Check_FileSize'))
EXEC ('CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.Check_FileSize AS SELECT ''This is a stub''')
ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.Check_FileSize
@DbName sysname = NULL,
@Drive char(1) = NULL,
@IncludeDataFiles bit = 1,
@IncludeLogFiles bit = 1,
@OrderBy varchar(100) = NULL
AUTHOR: Andy Mallon
CREATED: 20140917
This returns data related to file size & and usage.
* @DbName - Default NULL - Specific database to check for file size/usage. Can be wildcarded
When NULL, check all databases
* @Drive - Default NULL - Specific drive letter to check for file size/usage.
When NULL, check all drives
* @IncludeDataFiles - Default 1 (True) - Flag to enable checking of data file sizes. Defaults to true.
* @IncludeLogFiles - Default 1 (True) - Flag to enable checking of log file sizes. Defaults to true.
* @OrderBy - Default NULL - The value used in the order by clause of the result set.
When NULL or an invalid value passed, ordered by ServerName, DbName, LogicalFileName
* Check File size/usage for internal_tracking database
EXEC Check_FileSize @DbName = 'internal_tracking'
* Check File size/usage for all data & log files for all databases on the D drive
EXEC Check_FileSize @Drive = 'D'
* Check File size/usage for all data files (but not logs) for the internal_tracking database on the D drive
EXEC Check_FileSize @DbName = 'internal_tracking', @Drive = 'D', @IncludeLogFiles = 0
20140101 - Initials - Modification description
This code is free to download and use for personal, educational, and internal
corporate purposes, provided that this header is preserved. Redistribution or sale,
in whole or in part, is prohibited without the author's express written consent.
©2014-2017 ● Andy Mallon ●
ServerName NVARCHAR(128),
DbName NVARCHAR(128),
LogicalFileName NVARCHAR(128),
FileType NVARCHAR(10),
FileSizeMB INT,
SpaceUsedMB INT,
FreeSpaceMB INT,
FreeSpacePct VARCHAR(7),
GrowthAmount VARCHAR(20),
PhysicalFileName NVARCHAR(520)
--if no @OrderBy supplied or an invalid option, use DBName, LogicalFileName
IF (@OrderBy IS NULL
OR EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.fn_split(REPLACE(REPLACE(@OrderBy,'ASC',''),'DESC',''),',')
WHERE value NOT IN (SELECT name FROM tempdb.sys.columns WHERE object_id = object_id('tempdb..#FileSizeInfo') )
SET @OrderBy = 'ServerName, DbName, LogicalFileName';
-- Because of log-shipped databases, we want to use sys.master_files for the file location NOT sys.sysfiles
-- sys.master_files will show the location on *this* server.
-- sys.sysfiles in the DB will show the location of the files on the *primary* server.
-- Using sys.master_files has the right location in all cases.
-- Because of TempDB, we want to use sys.sysfiles for the file size, not sys.master_files
-- sys.master_files will show the *starting* file size, not the actual file size.
-- sys.sysfiles will show the *current* file size
-- Using sys.sysfiles has the right current file size in all cases.
EXEC sp_foreachdb @suppress_quotename = 1, @state_desc = 'ONLINE', @command = 'USE [?]
INSERT #FileSizeInfo (ServerName, DbName, FileSizeMB, SpaceUsedMB, GrowthAmount, LogicalFileName, PhysicalFileName, FileType, FreeSpaceMB, FreeSpacePct)
SELECT @@servername as ServerName, ''?'' AS DatabaseName,
CAST(f.size/128.0 AS decimal(20,2)) AS FileSize,
WHEN mf.type_desc = ''FILESTREAM'' THEN CAST(f.size/128.0 AS decimal(20,2))
ELSE CAST(FILEPROPERTY(, ''SpaceUsed'')/128.0 as decimal (20,2))
END AS ''SpaceUsed'',
WHEN mf.type_desc = ''FILESTREAM'' THEN NULL
WHEN mf.is_percent_growth = 0
THEN convert(varchar,ceiling((mf.growth * 8192.0)/(1024.0*1024.0))) + '' MB''
ELSE convert (varchar, mf.growth) + '' Percent''
END AS FileGrowth, AS LogicalFileName,
mf.physical_name AS PhysicalFileName, mf.type_desc AS FileType,
CAST(f.size/128.0 - CAST(FILEPROPERTY(, ''SpaceUsed'' ) AS int)/128.0 AS int) AS FreeSpaceMB,
CAST(100 * (CAST (((f.size/128.0 -CAST(FILEPROPERTY(,
''SpaceUsed'' ) AS int)/128.0)/(f.size/128.0)) AS decimal(4,2))) AS varchar(8)) + ''%'' AS FreeSpacePct
FROM sys.master_files mf
JOIN [?].sys.database_files f ON f.file_id = mf.file_id AND mf.database_id = db_id(''?'')
' ;
DECLARE @sql nvarchar(4000);
SET @sql = N'SELECT * FROM #FileSizeInfo WHERE 1=1';
--Include optional filters
IF @IncludeDataFiles = 0
SET @sql = @sql + N' AND FileType <> ''ROWS''';
IF @IncludeLogFiles = 0
SET @sql = @sql + N' AND FileType <> ''LOG''';
SET @sql = @sql + N' AND PhysicalFileName LIKE ''' + @Drive + N'%''';
SET @sql = @sql + N' AND DbName LIKE ''' + @DbName + N'''';
--include order by
SET @sql = @sql + N' ORDER BY ' + @OrderBy;
PRINT @sql;
EXEC sp_executesql @sql;