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Part 01 - Introduction to Scikit-learn.ipynb
Part 02 - Unsupervised Transformers.ipynb
Part 03 - Cross-validation.ipynb
Part 04 - Grid Searches for Hyper Parameters.ipynb
Part 05 - Preprocessing and Pipelines.ipynb
Part 06 - Working With Text Data.ipynb
Part 07 - Feature Union.ipynb
Part 08 - Randomized Parameter Search.ipynb
Part 09 - Generalized Cross Validation.ipynb
Part 10 - Advanced Scoring.ipynb
Part 11 - Out Of Core Learning.ipynb
Part 12 - Out Of Core Learning for Text.ipynb

Slides and Notebooks for Open Data Science Conference

See the "executed" folder for notebooks with output, that can be viewed directly on github.