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Amundsen Gremlin contains code to use AWS Neptune as the graph backend for Amundsen. Specifically it uploads two CSVs -- one for vertices, one for edges -- to an S3 bucket, then tells the bulk loader to import those into the graph database. In order to prevent duplicate vertexes/edges, we specify the key of each.


It can be used with Python 3.6 except for async_consume_in_chunks which relies on Python 3.7 asyncio functionality.

Prerequisites include a configured Neptune instance and an S3 bucket.

Example Code

This can be used by databuilder jobs to load data into the graph. Example code for batching:

    def load_tables(self, *, table_data: Iterable[Table], batch_size: int = 200000,
                    batch_metric: LoadTablesBatchMetric = LoadTablesBatchMetric.NUMBER_OF_NODES) -> int:
        lazily loads Tables in chunks of batch_size
        :param table_data: the Iterable (possibly a Generator or stream) of Tables
        :param batch_size: the maximum chunk size to process, or <= 0 if process all at once
        :param batch_metric: what metric to count for chunks?  number of tables or number of nodes?
        return consume_in_chunks(stream=table_data, n=batch_size, metric=batch_metric.value,

    async def async_load_tables(self, *, table_data: AsyncIterator[Table], batch_size: int = 5000) -> int:
        lazily loads Tables in chunks of batch_size
        return await async_consume_in_chunks(stream=table_data, n=batch_size, consumer=self._load_some_tables)

    def _load_some_tables(self, data: Iterable[Table]) -> None:
        _data = list(data)
        entities = GetGraph.table_entities(table_data=_data, g=self.neptune_graph_traversal_source_factory())

AWS Configuration Guide

Coming Soon...

Instructions to configure venv

Virtual environments for python are convenient for avoiding dependency conflicts. The venv module built into python3 is recommended for ease of use, but any managed virtual environment will do. If you'd like to set up venv in this repo:

$ venv_path=[path_for_virtual_environment]
$ python3 -m venv $venv_path
$ source $venv_path/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

If something goes wrong, you can always:

$ rm -rf $venv_path

Roundtrip tests

The roundtrip tests hit the Neptune backend directly, which requires a valid Neptune configuration. As amundsen-gremlin CI does not currently have AWS configured, these tests do not run by default.

In order to run the roundtrip tests:

$ python -m pytest --roundtrip .