Stream dumper for Amungo's nut4nt board with NTLab's nt1065 navigation chip
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Stream dumper for Amungo's NTLab's nt1065 board


AmungoFx3Dumper FX3_IMAGE NT1065_CFG OUT_FILE|stdout SECONDS|inf DRV_TYPE

FX3_IMAGE - name of img file with firmware for cypress FX3 chip

NT1065_CFG - name of hex file with nt1065 configuration

OUT_FILE - output file name, use 'stdout' as a file name to direct signal to standart output stream

SECONDS - number of seconds to dump, use 'inf' to dump until Ctrl-C is pressed

DRV_TYPE - driver installed in your system. Use 'cypress' or 'libusb'


  • dumping one minute of signal and use cypress driver:
  • AmungoFx3Dumper AmungoItsFx3Firmware.img nt1065.hex dump4ch.bin 60 cypress
  • dumping signal non-stop to stdout:
  • AmungoFx3Dumper AmungoItsFx3Firmware.img nt1065.hex stdout inf libusb

File format

The program dumps all data from a FX3 board without any changes. Usually the format is:

  • 4 channels
  • 2 bits per sample per channel
  • Overall 8 bits (1 byte) per one sample for all channels
  • Decode table is
  • 00b -> 1
  • 01b -> 3
  • 10b -> -1
  • 11b -> -3

You can use AmgExtract to extract several channels from output file and converting data to usual signed char format. AmgExtract is located here: