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statuscheck: Tool to check PAAS/SAAS status pages

Tests image image image Coverage Status


Install the latest release:

$ pip install statuscheck

Then just use it in your shell:

$ statuscheck github
Current GitHub status: All Systems Operational

$ statuscheck slack
Current Slack status: Active incident
Registered events:
- [active] We are investigating an issue with notification settings
- [active] We're looking into an issue with certain API calls


There is also an API available:

>>> from statuscheck.utils import get_statuscheck_api

>>> api = get_statuscheck_api('slack')
>>> summary = api.get_summary()
>>> summary.status
Status(code='active', name='Minor incident', description='Minor incident', is_ok=False)
>>> summary.incidents
[Incident(id=879, name="We're looking into an issue with certain API calls", status='active', components=[Component(name='Apps/Integrations/APIs', status='', id='')])]
>>> summary.as_dict()
{'status': {'code': 'active', 'name': 'Minor incident', 'description': 'Minor incident', 'is_ok': False}, 'components': [{'name': 'Apps/Integrations/APIs', 'status': 'Partial outage', 'id': ''}], 'incidents': [{'id': 879, 'name': "We're looking into an issue with certain API calls", 'status': 'active', 'components': [{'name': 'Apps/Integrations/APIs', 'status': 'Partial outage', 'id': ''}]}]}

Currently, all services that we support are defined here.