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The articles listed on this page used and/or contributed to AMUSE. The list is incomplete. Please contact us if you have used AMUSE so that we can add your article here - or edit it yourself.

A list of articles that used AMUSE:

Author Title AMUSE version used Simulation scripts
Glaser, Joseph P. et al. Tycho: Realistically Simulating Exoplanets within Stellar Clusters. I. Improving the Monte Carlo Approach 11-13 Simulation Framework
Cai, Maxwell X. et al. On the survivability of planets in young massive
clusters and its implication of planet orbital
architectures in globular clusters
11 n/a
Concha-Ramírez, F. et al. External photoevaporation of circumstellar discs
constrains the time-scale for planet formation
12.1 DOI
Concha-Ramírez, F. et al The viscous evolution of circumstellar discs
in young star clusters
12.1 DOI
Sills, Alison et al. Dynamical evolution of stars and gas of young
embedded stellar sub-clusters
12.1 DOI
van Elteren, A. et al. Survivability of planetary systems in young
and dense star clusters
11 n/a

A list of AMUSE modules:

Author Title Minimum AMUSE version Module
Martínez-Barbosa, C. A. et al. Radial migration of the Sun in the Milky Way:
a statistical study
10 amuse.ext.rotating_bridge
van der Helm, Edwin et al. Simulating stellar winds in AMUSE 12.0 amuse.ext.stellar_wind