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The articles listed on this page used and/or contributed to AMUSE. The list is incomplete. Please contact us if you have used AMUSE so that we can add your article here - or edit it yourself.

A list of articles that used AMUSE:

Author Title AMUSE version used Simulation scripts
Cai, Maxwell X. et al. On the survivability of planets in young massive
clusters and its implication of planet orbital
architectures in globular clusters
11 n/a
Sills, Alison et al. Dynamical evolution of stars and gas of young
embedded stellar sub-clusters
12.1 DOI
van Elteren, A. et al. Survivability of planetary systems in young
and dense star clusters
11 n/a

A list of AMUSE modules:

Author Title Minimum AMUSE version Module
Martínez-Barbosa, C. A. et al. Radial migration of the Sun in the Milky Way:
a statistical study
10 amuse.ext.rotating_bridge
van der Helm, Edwin et al. Simulating stellar winds in AMUSE 12.0 n/a
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