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Helper = require('hubot-test-helper')
expect = require('chai').expect
sinon = require('sinon')
# helper loads a specific script if it's a file
helper = new Helper('./../scripts/')
describe 'ping', ->
room = null
beforeEach ->
room = helper.createRoom()
afterEach ->
context 'user says ping to hubot', ->
beforeEach ->
room.user.say 'alice', 'hubot PING'
room.user.say 'bob', 'hubot PING'
it 'should reply pong to user', ->
expect(room.messages).to.eql [
['alice', 'hubot PING']
['hubot', 'PONG']
['bob', 'hubot PING']
['hubot', 'PONG']
context 'user says echo to hubot', ->
beforeEach ->
room.user.say 'jim', 'hubot echo this will be the message'
room.user.say 'peter', 'hubot echo another message'
it 'should echo message back', ->
expect(room.messages).to.eql [
['jim', 'hubot echo this will be the message']
['hubot', 'this will be the message']
['peter', 'hubot echo another message']
['hubot', 'another message']
context 'user says time to hubot', ->
beforeEach ->
process.env.TZ = 'UTC'
@clock = sinon.useFakeTimers(1433182746000)
room.user.say 'bill', 'hubot time'
afterEach ->
it 'should respond with current time', ->
expect(room.messages).to.eql [
['bill', 'hubot time']
['hubot', 'Server time is: Mon Jun 01 2015 18:19:06 GMT+0000 (UTC)']
context 'user says die to hubot', ->
beforeEach ->
sinon.stub process, "exit"
room.user.say 'mary', 'hubot die'
afterEach ->
it 'should tell the room it is leaving', ->
expect(room.messages).to.eql [
['mary', 'hubot die']
['hubot', 'Goodbye, cruel world.']
it 'should call process exit', ->