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The City Pantry app


You will need to clone the git repository and install the Android SDK.

Run npm install and then gulp import-libs to copy over the citypantry-js-lib file to the www/lib directory. Run that command every time the library is updated.


To run the tests, start up webdriver-manager in a seperate terminal tab (webdriver-manager start) and run npm run protractor.


To run the app on your local system, run npm run run-local.

To run the app on an Android phone, turn on developer mode on your Android phone (Settings > About device > Build number, click 7 times) and connect your phone via USB. Run adb devices, if your phone is in the list it should be correctly detected, then run npm run run-android.

If that doesn't work, run adb kill-server then adb start-server, then check adb devices for your phone and try npm run run-android again.


Run cordova platform and make sure Android is in the list of installed platforms, if not, run cordova platform add android.

Then run cordova build --release android. You should now find the unsigned APK file in platforms/android/ant-build.

Use keytool -genkey -v -keystore KEYSTORENAME.keystore -alias ALIASNAME -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000, then answer the questions it asks to create a keystore. DO NOT LOSE THE KEYSTORE. BACKUP THE KEYSTORE. You cannot update the app unless the update is signed by the same key as the original.

Run jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore KEYSTOREFILENAME&PATH APKFILENAME&PATH ALIASNAME to sign the APK.

Next run zipalign -v 4 APKFILENAME&PATH NEWAPKFILENAME&PATH. This may not work, if not, go to your Android SDK directory, into build-tools, into a folder with a version number (e.g. 21.1.2, but yours may be different). Once there run ./zipalign -v 4 APKFILENAME&PATH NEWAPKFILENAME&PATH. NOTE: Optimizing the APK file with Zip Align IS NOT OPTIONAL. Google Play will not accept unoptimized files.

You now have a signed optimized APK file which can be uploaded to Google Play.


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