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Check HTML files for certain DOM structures and requirements. For example, does your website require every <button> and <a class="button"> to contain an icon element, like <i class="icon ...">? You can use htmlcheck to validate that your HTML files all follow this rule.


npm install htmlcheck


Check that every <button> and <a class="button"> have an icon and an aria-label.

    .test(function(button) {
        const icons = button.querySelectorAll('i.icon, span.icon');
        if (icons.length !== 1) {
            throw `Button with text "${button.textContent.trim()}" has ${icons.length} icons, should have one`;
    .test(function(button) {
        if (!button.hasAttribute('aria-label')) {
            throw `Button with text "${button.textContent.trim()}" does not have aria-label attribute; add this for screen readers`;

Check that every <button> and <a> have one of 'href', 'ng-href', or 'ng-click'.

    .test(function(link) {
        function isAttributeOk(attribute) {
            const value = link.getAttribute(attribute);
            return typeof value === "string" && value.length > 0;

        const isOk = isAttributeOk('href') || isAttributeOk('ng-href') || isAttributeOk('ng-click');

        if (!isOk) {
            throw `Link with text "${link.textContent.trim()}" has no action; add one of "href", "ng-href" or "ng-click"`;

Run the file examples/examples.js to see these in action.


  • .forElements(querySelector) - Adds elements found by the given query selector to the test, for example .forElements('a.button')
  • .inDir(dir) - Adds files found in the given directory to the test, for example .inDir('src/templates')
  • .inFile(path) - Adds the given file to the test, for example .inFile('src/templates/index.html')
  • .inGlob(glob) - Adds files found by the given glob to the test, for example .inGlob('src/**/*.html')
  • .test(testFunction) - Tests the files and query selectors with the given function, which should throw an error if the test fails. The test function is given an element with a DOM-like API, for example you can call .querySelector() or .getAttribute() on the element.


To execute the tests, run npm run test

To execute the examples script, run node examples/examples.js