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Online shopping cart with session login and CRUD features.
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EduGarden: Learning Session. Role and Permissions. Building CRUD

Summary: During my Advanced PHP Programming classes, I was presented three projects types to select from. I chose a shopping cart. The idea of a garden ecommerce come from my own frustration with shopping at a gardening site that, well, just plain sucks.

Lanuage: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Javascript

Class project expectation:

  • PHP MVC.
  • Maintaining a session.
  • Ability to log in as admin and as user with different user permissions.
  • User of Ajax.

Additional personal goals:

  • Make it friendly for both desktop and mobile device.
  • Avoid making a design disaster. Just cause it is a class project does not means I should throw all my design lessons to the backburner.
  • Incorporate some web security techniques, particularly the ones I have been reading at OSWASP.
  • If possibly, add in features that make it accessibility-friendly.
  • Find a way to deal with tax and shipping cost, which was one of the major frustration I had with my previous gardening shop experience.


  • Got the MVC set up.
  • Login session is successfully implemented, with a login dashboard that display cart and inventory content (if user is admin)
  • Ability to define user role, such as admin, and alter presentation depending on roles.
  • Ajax search feature
  • Cart and Inventory now contain CRUD capability for users with correct permission settings.

Here are some images of what the web app currently look like:

  • To begin with, validation happens in both client and server. If JavaScript was turn off for some reason, validation will still occur: Client Side Validation Server Side Validation
  • Here is the landing page for a successful regular user login: Regular User Login
  • For the admin, there is also an inventory panel. Note that "Inventory" link will only appear on navigation bar if user have admin privilege: Admin Login
  • On the official inventory page, in addition to the inventory panel, there are also input submission to add or delete inventory items: Admin Inventory
  • On the cart page, incremental button was used: Cart Page
  • The website also have a search bar that uses Ajax. The navigation bar adjusts according to search result: Search Bar Working
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