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Squarespace projects. Typically code injections that I used
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Digital Action Hub Website

This records the code injection I used for the Squarespace project.

For this project, I worked with 2 other web development students to help a non-profit build their Squarespace website. My main responsibility is header, footer, social media features, and parts that would be in-common among all website pages (logo, typography, etc).

Code injection was used for the following reasons:

  1. Custom social media button: The client wanted to have social share without providing password information. This means that our team cannot use the build-in widgets in Squarespace, which requires password. We also must find social media images that does not pixelized in different screen size.

  2. Floating bar for the social media button: This means that we must go into the header and css injection secion in Squarespace.

  3. Public contact information: Though not required, I decided to do JS injection to prevent bots from search engine.

Here are the final production. The Event section is empty because there are no upcoming events at the time:

Desktop View:
Desktop View
Mobile View:
Mobile View

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