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Create a small TensorFlow graph

In this section we'll create and run a simple TensorFlow graph that does matrix multiplication.

This is a good way to check that everything in your installation is working okay, and lets you get a feel for creating a graph, defining inputs, and running a graph in a session.

Step 1: Run a matrix multiplier graph

We'll first take a look at This code shows not only the use of matrix ops, but things like input placeholders, variable initialization, use of the tf.Print op, and running a graph in a session.

Next, we'll run the code and see if it does what we expect. In this directory, from the command line, run:

$ python

Step 2: Alter the graph: add matrix addition

Try altering this graph to add m3 to itself, and store the result in m4. Then, alter the call to return the evaluation results for both m3 and m4.

Don't look at it first, but shows how you can do this.

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