Simple VM-based scripting language
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Orbit - Small Scripting Language

A VM-based scripting language, mostly procedural with some swift and a bit of objects sprinkled upon.


Building Orbit's different modules requires a C compiler (GCC or Clang), CMake and some build system (GNU Make, Ninja, Xcode, VS...)

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ cd ..

# build the project
$ cmake --build build --target all

# or install the binaries and libraries
$ cmake --build build --target install

Building has only been tested on macOS (Apple LLVM/clang) so far, but should work as-is on most Linux/UNIX-based systems and GCC. The only dependancy is the C standard library.


Orbit is a very small project, and I don't expect it to pick up a lot of contributors. If you feel like working on it, make sure you have read and respect the code of conduct, and fork away. Given the size, I'll review the pull requests myself, but in the future a discussion system might be more appropriate.

If you contribute, I strongly encourage you to use the pre-commit hook provided in /tools/git-hooks:

$ cd .git/hooks
$ ln -s ../../tools/git-hooks/ pre-commit
$ chmod +x pre-commit

The hook will ensure that all the automated tests pass before committing. If you are working locally and want to commit some temporary work, you can use bypass it with git commit --no-verify, but it is heavily recommended that you don't push any changes that do not pass the tests.