C++ compiler frontend for the PAL (Pretty Awful Language).
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PALC - PAL Compiler

C++ compiler frontend for the PAL (Pretty Awful Language). palc implements the lexical and semantic analysis stages of compilation, as well as basic code generation for the OrbitVM stack-based machine. Code generation is sources are restricted to src/codegen/. Code generation calls in src/PALParser.cpp are marked with // NOTE: Code Generation Code/.


palc is invoked by calling palc <input file> <output file>. If no output file is specified, palc will output an Orbit Module File to a.omf.


palc is written in C++11 and should compile with any compliant compiler. It was tested with Clang (Apple LLVM version 8.0.0 (clang-800.0.42.1)) and GCC. To compile, cd to the project directory and run make.

The resulting binary is located at ./palc. The tests PAL programs are located in tests, and can be tested by running make tests.

Error Reporting

Defining COLORFUL=1 at compile time (make palc COLORFUL=1) enables coloured error printing. This allows nicer error messages on terminals that support ANSI colours.

Error messages are meant to carry as much meaning as possible for a project of that size. Whenever possible, the source line that caused the error is printed, and the troublesome token highlighted.

$ palc test.pal.txt 
5:15: error: redefinition of 'i'
    someReal, i AS REAL
4:5: note: variable 'i' was declared here
7:13: error: invalid operands to boolean expression ('Integer' and 'Real')
    UNTIL i = 100.0 REPEAT
12:14: error: expected 'boolean expression'
    IF i + 2 THEN
9:9: error: use of undeclared variable 'testVar'
        testVar = 100.2
13:18: error: assigning 'Real' from incompatible type 'Integer'
        someReal = 2
5:5: note: variable 'someReal' was declared here
    someReal, i AS REAL
5 errors generated


  • src/common.hpp: typedefs and declarations used across palc.

  • src/Compiler.cpp: program's entry point, drives the parser.

  • src/PALError.*: error class for palc, defines how errors are stored and printed.

  • src/PALToken.*: token representation used by palc. Stores the line & column numbers, the type and text value of the token, as well as a copy of the source line's text where the token was encountered.

  • src/PALScanner.*: lexer for the PAL language, derived from Allan Milne's C# implementation PALScanner.cs.

  • src/PALParser.*: Recursive-Descent parser for the PAL language, derived from the EBNF grammar.

  • src/PALSemantics.*: semantic analyser for the PAL language. Provides variable declaration and type checking, as well as an expression type checker.