SDK and example code for building voice-enabled skills for the Amazon Echo.
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Node.js Alexa Skills Kit Samples

Alexa Skills Kit Documentation

The documentation for the Alexa Skills Kit is available on the Amazon Apps and Services Developer Portal.


The included samples represent how to use nodejs AWS Lambda functions as Alexa Skills. The following samples are included (ordered by complexity, see the Using Alexa Skills Kit Samples link below for more details):

  • HelloWorld : a simple skill that responds with "hello world!"
  • SpaceGeek : a simple skill that responds to the user with a space fact.
  • ReindeerGames: a simple skill that plays trivia quiz questions
  • MinecraftHelper : a simple skill that responds to the user's recipe queries with formulas.
  • WiseGuy : a skill that tells knock knock jokes.
  • HistoryBuff : a skill that gives historical information that happened on a user provided day.
  • Savvy Consumer : a skill that looks up a category on Amazon and returns the best selling products.
  • TidePooler : a skill that looks up tide information for various cities.
  • ScoreKeeper : a skill that can keep score of a game.
  • ChemistryFlashCards : A skill that quizzes you on chemistry with flash cards.


Navigate to the in each sub directory in the samples folder and follow the instructions for getting the sample up and running.


Here are a few direct links to our documentation: