Official repository of the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) network adapter for Linux and FreeBSD operating systems
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netanelbelgazal linux/ena: update ENA linux driver to version 1.6.0
**Bug Fixes**
* fix driver compilation error in Ubuntu 14.04 kernel 3.13.0-29
* fix non-functional kernel panic on pcie hot-plug removal on EC2 bare
metal instances
* fix compatibility issues with non-x86 platforms using PAGE_SIZE
larger than 4K
* add memory barriers for non-x86 platforms with different memory
ordering rules.

**New Features**
* Support different queue size for Rx and Tx. A new module param
to configure that.
* Optimize performance for MMIO writes to  pcie - use relaxed writes
when possible.
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Official repository of the open source drivers for devices used on AWS platforms.

The following drivers are included:

For Linux driver SRPM build instruction available here