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"""Example python3 application that uses HawkTracer tracing system.
This application demonstrates how to instrument python3 code to measure
execution time of a specific function.
This is the simplest example. In order to enable tracing, it needs to be run
with HT_PYTHON_TRACE_ENABLED=1 environment variable. If the env variable is unset,
tracing is disabled and no overhead is introduced.
from hawktracer.core import trace, register_file_listener
def foo():
print("This is foo.")
print("This function is traced!.")
def bar():
print("This is bar.")
print("This function isn't traced, as it doesn't have @trace decorator.")
def foobar():
print("This is foobar")
print("This function is also traced!")
register_file_listener("test.htdump", 1024*1024);
for i in range(10):