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Attempting to quantify some common DCI conventions applied to Rails apps.

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DCI Rails example

This simple app is an early attempt at getting DCI features into Rails and working towards some common conventions. I by no means expect to have every case covered here or every convention perfect at this time; this is a set of practices and conventions we're looking to grow over time as a community.


I've written up a set of walkthroughs and discussions on the project at the developerWorks website. I'll continue to add materials as the project matures and evolves.

Part One

A Convention-based Approach to DCI in Rails - Part 1

Part Two

A Convention-based Approach to DCI in Rails - Part 2

If all's well when you run the app, you should see "I performed work." appear. Note that the User class doesn't have this behavior defined, only the AdminRole module does. A new instance of User that doesn't have the 'admin' role applied won't have this behavior available.

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