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EXPERIMENTAL: Take a backup before you proceed.

Migration Script for Bludit v2.3.4 to v3.0

  • Script is tested on PHP7+
  • Only bl-content is migrated.
  • Script migrates only the Core plugin data and user data (pages, uploads etc.) to the new db structure.
  • Third party plugin data is not migrated intentionally. We do not know if v2 plugins are compatible with v3.
  • Script sets the theme to "blogx" for safer/better compatibility. Change your custom/stock theme manually after migration.
  • Backups generated from the v2 Backup plugin are removed since they are incompatible with v3.


  • Take a backup of current installation.
  • Copy migrate.php to root of Bludit v2.3.4 installation.
  • Run it and Copy freshly generated bl-content directory from migrations/* to the new Bludit v3 installation.
  • Done!

I have already migrated to v3 RC2 with this script ? Can I use it again for v3 final release?

No. For final release -> Deactivate and activate the following plugins if you use them: simple-stats, rss, sitemap, backup to get rid of any errors.

I found a bug:

  • Report an issue describing it as verbosely as possible.