SEO handler for Laravel 4, with customization of slugs, meta data and more
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A SEO handler for Laravel, to manage localized slugs, meta tags, etc.

How it works

Setting up

You start by creating the Seonnet table by typing artisan seonnet:table and running artisan migrate. From there a table is created following this schema (here with a few example entries) :

| pattern   | title   | meta        | url    | lang   |
| --------- | ------- | ------      | -----  | ------ |
| string    | string  | text (json) | string | string |

You can add entries to this table by using the provided seonnet/admin route (not yet implemented) or via the Seonnet\Route model :

  'pattern' => 'agency/*',
  'title'   => 'Welcome to our agency',
  'meta'    => array(
    'description' => 'Interesting stuff about your agency'
  'url'     => '',
  'lang'    => 'fr',

To use Sonnet after that you'll need to replace Laravel's Router with Seonnet's by adding this line to your aliases array in config/app.php :

'Route' => 'Seonnet\Facades\Route',

The magic will happen when you type this :

Route::get('agency', function() {
  return View::make('agency');