ROS package that converts point cloud frames to robot's coordinates
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ROS package that converts Kinect point cloud to robot's coordinates. It includes the little bit of C++ code to make the pcl and tf libraries work together, as well as some launch files for convenience.

Baxter Calibration Guide

I used this code with the kinect calibration package from to make the process of using the Kinect sensor with the Baxter robot very easy. Steps to calibrate:

  1. Clone this repository, and follow the instructions at baxter_h2r_packages to set up that repository. I found I needed to also clone to get their calibration package working.
  2. Run the Baxter kinect calibration program and get the transform
  3. Copy the new transform (you can directly copy the output of into the relevant args of the kinect_startup_calibrated.launch file
  4. Run the launch file

You should now have a calibrated point cloud aligned with the robot on the /transformed_points topic.