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Chimple, a Probabilistic Programming Java API
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%   Copyright 2013-2014 Analog Devices, Inc.
%   Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
%   you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
%   You may obtain a copy of the License at
%   Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
%   distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
%   WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
%   See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
%   limitations under the License.

Initial Release
This is Chimple's first release.  We have not written a significant number of tests yet.
We will be investing more effort in this tool in the near future.

Chimple Documentation
The doc directory contains some basic Chimple documentation.

Building Chimple from Source
1) Checkout dimple and chimple in the same parent directory

2) Make sure gradle is installed:

3) cd to dimple root directory and build using gradle:
shell$ gradle build

4) cd to chimple root directory and build using gradle:
shell$ gradle build

Running Chimple from MATLAB
0) Build Chimple
1) Start MATLAB
2) change to the chimple directory
3) execute the startup.m script
4) run testChimple to verify everything is set up correctly.

Running Chimple from Java
0) Build Chimple
1) Add chimple/lib/chimple_v<version>.jar to javaclasspath.
2) Add all jar files in dimple/solvers/lib to javaclasspath
3) You can now use chimple from your java program.

Building a Chimple Kit
1) Make sure dimple and chimple are checked out in the same parent directory.

2) cd to the chimple root directory and build using gradle:
shell$ gradle installkit

3) chimple_<version num>.jar should now be in the build directory.

Running Chimple from a kit
1) dimple and chimple must exist in the same parent directory.
2) All directions about using chimple from source now apply
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